The President

As president of this company i am going to try in a few brief lines to submit the effort, dedication and commitment to my family, to create this company and become today one of the groups of business reference, in the sector of civil works and construction in general.

I would like to make a special mention to a person, my father, D. José María Pérez López, responsible for the birth of our first company, and its evolution to become the current Group Pérez Jiménez.

Back in the seventies in the company of my father and my brother we shook off, from abroad risking everything, with a very small staff and a very limited machinery we put on hands to the work to create and develop this company. In these years the company grew at a good pace, becoming a hollow in the province of Granada, in this complex sector.

In the year 1983 we got the classification of the Public Administration, such as public works company, what we were allowed to tender for the works of the Administration at the national level.

In June of 1987 this society was formed. It has been increasingly incorporated the effort and dedication of a large part of my family. Thanks to them today this company is aware of and very good prospects for the future.

During this time we have grown organic and structurally, we have diversified, we are more solvent and more able to cope with the new challenges of an increasingly globalised market and international.

We have also invested in sectors such as agriculture (olive oil), real estate companies (investment Pejisa, Navescol), also participated in other companies as Geysepark (car parks in Granada) and in the Ucop Group.

For all these reasons, and to strengthen our more than 40 years of experience, we are committed to internationalisation and our expansion beyond the national domain, now expanding into markets such as Algeria, South America, Morocco, and countries in Eastern Europe. With this, we have tried to anticipate the demands that the current environment presents to the companies that want to succeed.