Road Maintenance

Construcciones Perez Jimenez has extensive experience in infrastructure conservancies throughout Andalusia. Since 2006 we have been managing more than 1,500 km of road network of the Andalusian in different comprehensive contracts road maintenance, which in most cases we renewed, which gives an idea of ​​the degree of trust placed in us the different administrations.

We count on the best materials media on different operating centers: trucks specially adapted, emergency vehicles and signaling snowplow high adaptive performance to any situation, besides heavy and light attached machinery at each center, which allow us to develop routine maintenance work and repairs, roadside assistance and improving road safety.


  • South-West conservation Córdoba 2,409,110 Euros. Andalusian
  • North 5,631,106 Euros Almería conservation. Andalusian
  • Conservation Metropolitan Area and Sierra Nevada 5,596,367 Euros. Andalusian

  • Conservation Area Grenadines Alpujarras 4,457,452 Euros. Andalusian