Construcciones Perez Jimenez S.L has a specific department for this type of action that requires a degree of specialization different from the classic civil works.

This department has architects and industrial engineers in front of it that has allowed us to perform various actions over recent years, classified in all groups in the field of building construction being.


  • Construction of the Center for Research, Mind, Brain and Behavior UGR (Granada) 5,861,891 Euros. University of Granada

  • Executive construction project storage silos, bulk mixture and flour (Cádiz) 11,145,520 Euros. Franca Consortium Cadiz area

  • Improvement and expansion of spaces in the CEIP Great Captain of Íllora (Granada) 624,935 Euros. Public Entity Educational Services

  • Expanding educational spaces: Construction of classrooms in the IES Pešula in Salteras (Sevilla) 367,753 Euros Euros. Public Entity Educational Services
  • Alteration, improvement and modernization: Rehabilitation and reforms CPR Temple of Huelma (Granada) 266,649 Euros. Public Entity Educational Services